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Ready to Talk About Your Next Act?


We love visiting with people about the work that calls to you, whether it's for livelihood, art, and/or service. That's why we're sending you a special invitation to set up a Discovery Call with one of us, a free 20-minute session to explore your work journey and vision, plans and possibilities.

Is the Your Right Livelihood class right for you? We invite you to consider any of these questions:

  • Are you exploring your priorities and wanting to actively pursue work that has more personal meaning and value?

  • Are you an artist, craftsperson, or service provider who would like to launch yourself into making a living through your passion?

  • Or are you heading toward retirement and ready to start planning for what you want your life's work to be now?

You can learn more about the class here, including our guest teachers -- Gregg Levoy, Yvette Hyater-Adams, Vi Tran, Alana Muller, Kevin Willmott, Kelley Hunt, Dr. Eric Maisel, Erin McGrane, Catherine Kirkland, and Dr. Marianela Medrano.

To set up a Discovery Call, please click on the Discovery Call button to meet with Kathryn, and you can also email to speak with Caryn.

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Erin McGrane
Erin McGrane
Nov 12, 2021

So exciting!

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