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Your Right Livelihood Class

February 18 - April 14, 2024

with Kathryn Lorenzen & Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

"There is no passion to be found playing small—

in settling for a life that is less than the one you

are capable of living." ~Nelson Mandela

Guest teachers: Vanita Leatherwood, Alana Muller, Mark Logan, Yvette Hyater-Adams, and via podcasts:

Kevin Willmott, Eric Maisel, Marianela Madrona, Kelley Hunt, Erin McGrane, and Catherine Kirkland.

Your work—whether it’s in the arts, business, community service, healing arts, entrepreneurship, or education—can bring you greater purpose and joy. Your work can also help others find and amplify the voices and visions so needed for our local and global communities. 

The Your Right Livelihood 8-week class meets you where you are and helps you map out your individualized path. Mentored by experienced teachers and inspired by peers as committed as you are, you can discover and develop best practices for meaningful work, art, and service. 


Whether you're just beginning, changing careers, retooling your current work, or revisioning your life for your next act, this training guides you toward your clearest next steps for work now and when the path meanders.

The Art of the Pivot in a Time of Change


The world is changing quickly in this time of uncertainty, and many of us need to shift course and learn new ways to connect with communities, clients, and collaborators. Your Right Livelihood educational opportunities focus on the art of the pivot: learning how and when to shift our work to more readily and fully embark upon the path ahead. We'll explore nuts and bolts as well as how to grow greater resilience, capacity, and clarity.

The Experience

"This training gave me the clarity and strength to hear the sounds of others along this journey like echoes in the cave I am exploring. I am not alone.” 

~ Brenda Magnetti, Head of strategic planning, 9Roots Marketing, Chicago

"'Keep doing. Keep doing. Keep doing.' This is one of the most important work that world needs now more than at any other time." ​

~ Mukan Mataal, engineer and mindfulness and resilience coach and educator, Toronto

"It's a journey that is worth every ounce of your investment -- time, energy, financial, emotionally."

~ Jade Eby, entrepreneur, consultant, and author, Minnesota

"The training gave me the tools to wade through all the possibilities, identify those that best expressed my values, and make a plan for my future.” 

~ Diane Glass, former newspaper editor, current poet and writer, Des Moines

Read more testimonials here.

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Visiting Guest Teachers

Vanita Leatherwood, MA, poet/artist and social change educator, is the Director of Community Engagement at HopeWorks where she provides arts and healing programs for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence. She also directs The Yes Within, facilitating virtual and in-person workshops for groups and individuals. 

Mark Logan is Founder and Chief Collaborator at idealect, a social innovation company working to increase equity and inclusion by helping clients imagine and implement new, sustainable solutions to persistent problems. Previously, Mark founded first-wave digital marketing agency lookandfeel new media, as well as Moonshot, the innovation lab at Barkley in Kansas City.

Yvette Angelique Hyater-Adams, MA-TLA, is a poet, teaching artist, and proven culture change strategist as well as a highly-sought-after executive coach. A former C-Suite bank executive, management coaching firm CEO, and president of an international institution for leadership, Yvette's writing contributes to the discourse on women's leadership, race-relations, personal and community transformation. 


Alana Muller is a speaker, workshop facilitator, business relationship coach, and author of the book Coffee Lunch Coffee: A Practical Field Guide for Master Networking. She travels the world to share her expertise in building relationships for community, business, and personal enrichment.

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Podcast Guest Teachers

We are grateful to Kevin Willmott, Kelley Hunt, Eric Maisel, Erin McGrane, Catherine Kirkland, and Marianela Medrano, who will featured in podcasts created just for Your Right Livelihood. Here are their vios, left to right.


Kevin Willmott is an Oscar-winning writer as well as a director, actor, and educator whose films include KKKlansman, Da 5 Bloods, The Only Good Indian, and Bunker Hill. He is a professor of Film & Media Studies at the University of Kansas.

Kelley Hunt as forged a distinguished reputation as a recording artist, international touring performer and published songwriter. With over two decades of touring and recording credits and six CDs in international distribution, Kelley released her sixth CD, The Beautiful Bones. 

Dr. Eric Maisel is best known as the pioneer of creativity coaching. He has authored more than 50 books (his most recent is Redesign Your Mind) and is a regular contributor to Psychology Today. One of Eric's popular programs is the Life Purpose Boot Camp, and he has a special passion for how we make meaning, especially through our work.


Erin McGrane is a musician, actress, author, public speaker, professional development mentor, and commercial real estate professional at Clemons Real Estate Company. She appeared in the Oscar-nominated film, Up in the Air, toured the U.S. extensively with her musical group, Victor & Penny, and co-founded an annual immersive event focused on performance, creativity, and songwriting.

Catherine Kirkland enjoyed 35+ years as an award-winning art director, illustrator, and graphic design in publishing and advertising. After rekindling her earlier interest in painting, she has made creating and showing her art her full-time business since 2017.

Dr. Marianela Medrano is a Dominican writer, psychotherapist, and poetry therapist. She has more than 20 years of experience working for diverse populations. In her work she uses literature as a healing tool. She has extensive training in Mindfulness Based-Stress Reduction with Jon Kabat-Zinn and has taught widely, including at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Your Right Livelihood Class
February 18 - April 14, 2024


This interactive class can be done from anywhere since all components of it are online or on Zoom. The 8-week class includes:

  • Weekly Zoom sessions Sunday evenings for discussions, group work, featured guest teachers, and in-depth learning, all happening Feb.18 & 25/ March 3, 10, 17 & 24/ April 7 & 14 at 6:30-8 CST/ 7:30-9 EST/ 5:30-7 MST/ 4:30-6 PST.

  • Individualized portfolios you create, in concert with Caryn and Kathryn, of what you need to launch your new work in balance with your life.

  • Online private website featuring weekly discussions, reflections, podcasts, links, resources, and a forum for sharing what we're discovering along the way.

  • One-on-one coaching session every two weeks for a total of four sessions, two with Kathryn, and two with Caryn.

  • Beyond-the Beyond support to help you succeed (see below)

  • All participants who successfully finish the class receive a certificate of completion.

Find complete registration information, fees, and scholarship possibilities here.

What You Can Create and Accomplish


By the end of the class, you will have a clearer understanding of your path to Right Livelihood in your work, art, or service. The class is tailored to you and what you need to craft, plan, and dream up at this time in your life. You will have opportunities to create:

  • A deeper understanding of your gifts and strengths, with a developed concept for your service, product, art, or pursuit.

  • A personal vision and plan for your livelihood or pursuit, from formulating clear objectives to crafting and pursuing an action plan that makes sense for you and your situation.

  • Clarity of your message, your brand, and your best ways of reaching your audience, collaborators, or community.

  • An effective and authentic elevator speech.

  • ​An individually-tailored portfolio with communications elements for your outreach – for use in proposals, on a website, in social media, or other channels aligned with your venture.

  • ​A journal full of writing and other arts for greater exploration of your work, art, or service.

  • ​An inspiring community and effective mentors as you continue down the path of your callings and vocations.

Your Right Livelihood Topics


Over eight weeks, we will explore a variety of topics and themes, with information, resources, ideas, and guides – organized in these modules in a pick-your-adventure format (you choose what best serves you):

  • Our Callings, Our Work, Our Gifts: Values and Meaning


  • Getting Started: From Imagining to Planning


  • My Work Story: The Journey to a Mission Statement


  • The Art of My Work: The Path to My Brand


  • The Science of My Work: The Road to My Structure


  • The Connection of My Work: Identifying My Client and My Audience


  • The Attraction of My Work: Creating My Messaging and Communications 

  • The Community of My Work and the Way Forward


Beyond the Beyond Support

Living your right livelihood is an ongoing journey, so we offer you support that goes beyond the class. 


You will be part of an ongoing private online group where you can share triumphs and trials, ask for help, and find companionship.


You'll also receive ample resources, including a tool kit of inexpensive sources for DIY websites, printing and promotional material, plus discounted custom coaching packages with Caryn and Kathryn.

How to Find Out More

If you're confident this is a right opportunity for you, please click on "Application" below. If you'd like to talk with one of us to explore how this class fits your needs, please click on "Discovery Call" and select a time we can visit more.

Find out all the registration information, including fees and other details, here.

Early bird rates until Feb. 13, 20214

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