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About Your Right Livelihood

Our vision in creating Your Right Livelihood is to provide people with the guidance, companionship, resources, and inspiration to discover and do their most meaningful work.

This term "Right Livelihood," rooted in the Buddhist tradition, speaks to our work that follows our calling, grows our spirit, and serves our community. In short, our right livelihood -- whether it's what we do for our livelihood, art, or services -- is the work of our heart.

We invite you to consider if any of these questions speak to you:

  • Are you exploring your priorities and wanting to actively pursue work that has more personal meaning and value?

  • Are you an artist, craftsperson, consultant entrepreneur or service provider who would like to launch yourself into making a living through your passion?

  • Are you already doing the work you love but now ready to expand or privot that work so that your legacy can have further reach and make an even bigger difference?

  • Or are you heading toward retirement and ready to start planning for what you want your life's work to be now?

All of our offerings help you foster greater greater clarity, direction, and resilience while also discovering the research, planning, networking, messaging, and other aspects of the work you're ready to begin or grow. Find out more if Your Right Livelihood is for you here.


Our Guiding Values


In our classes, retreats, coaching, writing, and podcast, we are guided by the values of curiosity, courage, authenticity, purpose and callings, passion, creativity, companionship, and generosity.



Embodying genuine curiosity about ourselves and others opens us to riches of ideas and possibility.


Tattooed Wrists

Growing our courage, including our tolerance for uncertainty and vulnerability, gives us wings to soar toward our goals and into greater resilience.


Smiling Girl

Discovering our own values and voice allows us to step into our authentic presence, which is both freeing and powerful.

Purpose & Callings

Exploring Nature

The eternal “why are we here” question creates meaning, revealing perhaps one purpose or calling, and perhaps more than one!


Happy Traveler

Part emotion, part spirit, and part pure knowing, passion is the place of deepest connection to our true work.



Creating our Right Livelihood takes imagination, thinking outside the box, and exploration in what our work is and how make it come true.



Good listeners who really "get us" can help us better discern our Right Livelihood and keep going, even when the path changes.



We're worthy of generous care and compassion, forgiveness and do-overs. A spirit of generosity also enhances our connections and communities.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Laura Packer for developing and founding Your Right Livelihood with Caryn and co-facilitating the first three cohorts in 2018, 2019, and 2021. Laura is a storyteller and consultant who provides storytelling, creativity and right livelihood coaching. Contact Laura here and learn about her consulting company, Think Story here

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