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Custom Coaching

We offer custom coaching packages to help you dream up and plan your next act, whether you're starting a project, relaunching an existing business, focusing your art or service, or figuring out what's next for you.

Our own journeys and our collective decades of coaching people have taught us well the importance of careful listening and deep discernment to work collaboratively with you on your best options and next steps.

We can support you in business and creative writing, website development and other marketing and branding, networking and outreach, and enhanced visibility, reach, and referrals.


We also have ample experience guiding people through generative processes to figure out what's next for their work, art, or service, including deep dives into career development and transitions.

with Kathryn Lorenzen & Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

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The Possibilities

We can work with you on a wide spectrum of career development and Right Livelihood, including:

  • Marketing Communications: Need a comprehensive marketing plan that brings together social media, word-of-mouth connections, and printed materials for your new project? We've got you, and we can also help with any individual components.

  • Finding Your Work Path: Coaching is a powerful aid in figuring out what's next for you and to accompany you through big-picture thinking and real-time decisions.

  • Branding and Identity: Let us help you find and express the essence of your work, art, or project.

  • Workshop Development and Facilitation: We can guide you toward generative resources and venues for offering arts- and related workshops in your community.

  • Website and Blog Development: We can help with website or blog site design and architecture, copywriting, and also construction for most Wix and Wordpress-based sites.

  • Outreach and Referrals: We all need a hand in getting the word out on what we're offering to those would would most benefit. 

  • Meaningful Retirement Work: Find not just what's next for you but what's best for following your callings as you transition from your previous work.


What People Are Saying About Coaching With Us























"Kathryn brings a wealth of knowledge, and plain old street smarts, to her coaching methods. I have grown personally and professionally from working with Kathryn. She is compassionate, open minded and really was able to adapt to my particular set of goals." ~ Marianne Witterholt Carr

"For more than a decade, Kathryn has been my Career Yoda (although speak she does more straightforwardly). Her thoughtful, insightful questions lead you to discover your own answers. And how Yoda is that?" ~ Cecilia Vigliaturo

"Partnering with Kathryn was how I gained the confidence to start my business sooner, rather than later. She helped me outline a solid foundation for the business, coached me through networking, and helped me define who my business serves." ~ Mel Tull

"I was in desperate need of a career change. Frankly - a life change. Kathryn helped me recognize my worth, taught me, boosted my confidence - everything a coach and mentor should do. I am now on a new career path at a job with wonderful opportunities. I also now have peace of mind, something I was sorely lacking. None of this would have happened without Kathryn." ~ Wendy Hill

“Kathryn helped me see things that I couldn’t see about myself. She gave me a better understanding of my strengths and goals. And she gave me the language to talk about my experience, strengths and opportunities to grow.” ~ G.W.

“Working with Kathryn was absolutely worth the time and money. I wouldn’t have done 90% of what I did without her coaching.” ~ D.A.
























"I can attest to the beautiful skills of inspiration, insight and compassion Caryn brings to the Great Work of living a passion and creative life." ~ Gregg Levoy, consultant, author, Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life

“Caryn has reached across the Atlantic to Dublin and held me hand through a difficult transition. She has the art of calmly refocusing my scattered thoughts thus enabling me to reach my full potential.” ~ Fiona Bolger, writer, facilitator, and arts entrepreneur


"Caryn's gift is her intuitive ability to pull your vision and desire for your business out of the cloudy thoughts in your head and translate them into something concrete and clear."~ Dr. Laurie Fickle


"Caryn has been a treasured editor for several of my best-selling books, and other writing projects. I can’t imagine the writing life without her." ~ Harriet Lerner, bestselling author of The Dance of Anger and Why Won't You Apologize?


"Caryn is organized, empathetic, and energetic. Caryn’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit are a source of inspiration and encouragement." ~ Erin McGrane, commercial real estate agent, writer, and musician


"Working with Caryn is one of the joys of my life." ~ Kelley Hunt, singer-songwriter and international touring artist


"Caryn's passion for right livelihood is a bright light for all who work with her to find their path. Her intelligence is matched by her compassion." ~ Laura Packer, storyteller, writer, and creativity coach


Gregg Levoy & Caryn meeting in person

Cup of Coffee

Meet With Us To See

What's Next For You

Contact us for a free Discovery Call with both of us to talk about what you're looking for, what we can offer, and if we're a good match for each other. We'll then prepare a tailored-to-you custom coaching proposal based on your evolving work, art, or service, and if you accept, we'll begin our work together.

We also offer intensive custom coaching packages that allow you to to get a lot done in a short time. This may include working closely together for a week or two to help you launch what's next in a timely manner.

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