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Is this right for Me?

Are you ready to pivot from what you’re doing now into what your heart is calling you to do?


Is this the year you want to start a venture that has great purpose for you?

Is it time to invent your next act?


Our Big Picture class and retreat is for anyone who wants to dig deeper into their life path and work, whether you are ready to leap, pivot, or create your next act.


We welcome people who want to create a life rich with meaning through their work, practice, and community. This is especially true in light of emerging new norms as we all look for ways to live and work safely, together. 

Participants range in age (from their 20s to 80s), work experience, and life stories, for a very rich cohort group pooling their wisdom, passions, discoveries, and resources. Some have a hunch of what they want to do and how they might do it; others may have a very clear plan they need support to enact. We find the mix of peoplesome who arrive with charts and timelines, and others who arrive with questions and quandariesworks well to inspire us to plan and ponder together. 

The class and retreat -- as well as our custom coaching packages -- meet you where you are to help you reach your goals.

Past participants have included:

  • A retired newspaper editor and spiritual director pivoting to writing poetry,

  • An IT supervisor retiring to teach mindfulness, 

  • A high school teacher passionate about map-making who realized it was time to go back to school, 

  • A social worker pondering a shift toward consulting and public speaking on death and dying,

  • A marketing executive ready to infuse her work with the power of creative thinking and storytelling, and

  • A writer launching a livelihood from facilitating community workshops and writing coaching.

In this supportive and individualized program, we emphasize listening deeply to your own heart's desire, callings, community, and possibilities. Contact us today for a free Discovery Call to learn more.


Participants at the 2023 Your Right Livelihood retreat

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