Your Right Livelihood Training 

February 19 - May 2, 2021


Whether you're just beginning, changing careers, retooling your current work, or revisioning your life after retirement, this training guides you toward your clearest constellation of work now and when the path meanders.


The Art of the Pivot in a Time of Pandemic and Change


The world is changing quickly in this time of uncertainty, and many of us need to shift course and learn new ways to connect with communities, clients, and collaborators from a distance. This training focuses on the art of the pivot: learning how and when to shift our work to more readily and fully embark upon the path ahead. We'll explore nuts and bolts (such as  your best practices for video-conferencing, online resources, evolving marketing techniques, and other tools) as well as how to grow greater resilience, clarity, and clarity.

The Training

This 100-hour training, packed with resources, support, and guidance, includes:

  • Opening weekend virtual retreat Feb. 19-21, 2021.

  • A 10-week online class.

  • Weekly video conferences with entrepreneurs and leaders in right livelihood, and regular check-ins and group discussions.

  • One-on-one coaching with Laura and Caryn.

  • Step-by-step guidance to create a portfolio of all the material you need for discovering, enacting, marketing, and assessing your work.

  • Ample support from mentors, teachers, and peers.

  • Launching Your Right Livelihood Closing Retreat, an in-person retreat (moved to virtual if needed) April 30-May 1, 2021 at Unity Village in Kansas City. 

The Experience

"It's a journey that is worth every ounce of your investment -- time, energy, financial, emotionally."

~ Jade Eby, trauma recovery coach, consultant and author.

"We chased our dreams and callings through the enchanted forest to a place infinitely more magical than Disney could conceive."

~ Lesley Dobis, writer, entrepreneur and new financial coach

"The training gave me the tools to wade through all the possibilities, identify those that best expressed my values, and make a plan for my future.” 

~ Diane Glass, poet and writer

"This training gave me the clarity and strength to hear the sounds of others along this journey like echoes in the cave I am exploring. I am not alone.”

~ Brenda Magnetti, entrepreneurer

with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg & Laura Packer

Guest teachers: Gregg Levoy, Ada Cheng, Huascar Medina,

Heather Forest, and Marianela Medrano

"There is no passion to be found playing small—

in settling for a life that is less than the one you

are capable of living." ~Nelson Mandela

Your work—whether it’s in the arts, social justice, community service, healing, or social change—can bring you greater purpose and joy. Your work can also help others find and amplify the voices and visions so needed for our communities, culture, and planet.

Your Right Livelihood, a three-month training, meets you where you are to help you map out your individualized path. Mentored by experienced teachers and side-by-side with participants as committed as you are, you can discover and develop best practices for meaningful work, art, and service. 

Expected Outcomes 


By the end of the training, you will have a clearer understanding of your path to Right Livelihood and engaging with your callings, including:

  • An individualized, interactive, and strategic plan with options for change and unfolding opportunities.

  • A preliminary study of how to reach your best audiences and populations.

  • Soulful and ethical marketing materials and strategies as needed, including social media presence, enhanced or new website copy, word-of-mouth marketing ideas, and written marketing materials.

  • An individually-tailored portfolio to share with prospective organizations,  businesses, and funders featuring your services and products, experience, approaches, and endorsements.

  • An effective and authentic elevator speech.

  • A journal full of writing and other arts to develop greater vision of your work, art, and/or service.

  • An inspiring community and effective mentors as you continue down the path of your callings and vocations.

Your Right Livelihood Topics


Because this is an individualized training, you always have the flexibility to focus on the topics that speak most directly to you and your evolving work.

  • Your Callings for Right Livelihood: Explore your most authentic work, and craft a sustainable story for enacting this work by untangling harmful myths and giving yourself permission to soar.

  • Your Sustainable and Strategic Plan: Map, dream, write, and revise a short-term and long-term plans following a step-by-step process.

  • Resilience, Self-Care, and Community On the Journey: Become more resilient, hone your self-care practices, and find community that supports you in your work.

  •  Ethics and Values Inherent to Your Work: Develop your work by the light of your most sacred and intrinsic beliefs and concerns.

  • Building Community, Creating Connections: Explore how to meet challenges, make community, and transform the stories we live. Learn how to pitch your work effectively and build nurturing connections.

  • Authentic Marketing and Branding: Craft a marketing plan that reflects your values and goals; develop your brand true to you and your work. Stay true to yourself, and confidently talk about your work.

  • Integrative Finances and Money Matters: Set appropriate rates, maintain basic record-keeping and tax filings, and address money and worth issues while growing your work over time.

  • Following the Path: Advance the work of your heart at your own pace, balancing income, current work, family and community responsibilities. Explore how to hold true to your calling when the path changes.

  • Assessments and Next Steps: Look at future training options, when to take leaps of faith, ongoing research, and opportunities for further outreach, work, and assessment.

Beyond the Beyond Support

You will be part of a private Facebook group where you can share triumphs and questions, ask for help, and find continuing support beyond the training. You'll also receive ample resources, including a tool kit of inexpensive sources for DIY websites, printing and promotional material, head shot tips, plus discounted coaching packages available with Caryn and Laura.

What Right Livelihood Means

This term, rooted in the Buddhist tradition, speaks to our work that follows our calling, grows our spirit, and serves our community. In short, our right livelihood -- whether it's what we do for our livelihood, art, or services -- is the work is our theart.


Tuition & Retreat


Tuition includes the Feb. 19-21 opening weekend virtual retreat, 10-week online class, weekly videoconferences, one-on-one coaching with Laura and Caryn, and all other aspects of the class excluding travel, meals, and lodging at Unity Village for the April 30-May 1 closing retreat (payment plan available):

  • Super Early Bird Rate: $1,450 extended to Dec. 1 2020

  • Early Bird Rate: $1,620 by Jan. 20, 2021

  • Regular Rate: $1,850 after Jan. 21, 2021

Patrons of Caryn and Laura get a 10% discount on registration.

Unity Village lodging: $129/night for a double (may be split with another attendee), which includes a hot breakfast. Several shared rooms ($80/person) are available in Hummingbird Vista, a beautiful, historic lodge on the grounds of Unity Village, where we will be meeting. Lunches and dinners range from $7-$20. (Note: this closing retreat may be moved to a virtual gathering if needed.)

Unity Village at Night. Unity Village is close to Kansas City International Airport

Partnership with the TLA Network

We are grateful to the TLA Network, which housed Your Right Livelihood for its first two sessions for helping us develop and grow this training, which was founded in 2018. Thanks to a partnership agreement between Your Right Livelihood (YRL) and the TLA Network (TLAN), TLA Network members receive a $50 discount on the YRL training. Additionally, graduates of our training receive a $50 discount on TLAN's Power of Words annual conference and a one-time $20 discount on a TLAN class. Find out more about the TLA Network herePlease contact us to find out more.

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