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Transitions, Transformations & Other Twists in the Road: Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg & Kathryn Lorenzen

Nothing like making a plan, especially when it comes to your livelihood, to make God (or anyone for that matter) laugh. So let's talk about surprising diversions that took us exactly where we needed to be.

We'll share transitions and transformations we've experienced or witnessed in our clients. Come listen to how Kathryn became an accidental advertiser, and from there, surprised her way into coaching career transitions and development, uniting hundreds of people with their new jobs. Caryn talks about bumping into twin calling to poetry: teaching, and then 33 years ago, to her shock, realizing it was time to leave academia and follow her dreams (including the in-your-face-Leave-Now! recurring ones each night). We also share tales of people who discovered their way into new work: massager therapy to financial coaching, IT administration to teaching mindfulness meditation, and much more.

When it comes to your own transitions, check out our Your Right Livelihood class (Jan. 23-Mar. 19) you can do from anywhere and retreat (April 1-3) near Kansas City, Missouri at our website. Feel free to contact us for a free Discovery Call to talk over your own shifts and possibilities, whether you're just starting out, making a pivot, or aiming toward retirement. We're at

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