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Find Your Next Act in One (or More) of Our New Sessions

Kathryn Lorenzen and I have been cooking up a feast of workshops and small group coaching sessions starting in December to invite you to discover more about the work, art, service, or purpose that calls your name. Please sign up for one, two, or all of them, and we'll catch you in Zoom land!

All these sessions will also give you more of a taste of what we offer in our 2023 Your Right Livelihood class Feb. 19 - April 16 to discover and put into action the work – whether livelihood, service, art, or purpose – that calls to you. Guided by seasoned mentors and visionary visiting teachers, this is a perfect immersion for people ready for a career shift, retirement focus, or new launch into the work you love. We also offer free discovery calls to talk with Kathryn about whether this class would be a good match for you.

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