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What is Your Life's Work?

A Training in the Work, Art,

and Service You Love

with Laura Packer and

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

Join us in January, 2021 from your home for a 4-month immersion into your life's work.

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“It is no exaggeration to state that this training changed my life.” 

~ Rachel Gabriel, writer and facilitator

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Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Ph.D., Kansas Poet Laureate Emerita, is the founder of Transformative Language Arts, and a creativity consultant, coach, and workshop facilitator. Author of two dozen books of poetry, fiction, memoir, and more, she has deep experience in creativity resilience and program, curriculum, and organizational development. Caryn is passionate about mentoring people to make leaps into the miraculous work of their lives.


Laura Packer has been performing, coaching, writing, consulting, and leading the storytelling field for 25 years. She knows the best way to the truth is through a good story, and that this universally accessible artform creates empathy, builds bridges, and has the power to both heal and change the world. Author of From Audience to Zeal: The ABCs of Finding, Crafting, and Telling a Great Story, she is sole prooprietor of Thinkstory, LLC.

Find the work of your heart.

Discover and develop best practices to make your

life's work come true.


                                                       Learn the art of the pivot in a time of great change.


Listen to Laura and Caryn talk about finding your livelihood in difficult times in this lively podcast

Sign up for 10 free weekly guides on doing the work, art, and service you love. 


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