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What is Your Life's Work?

Classes, Coaching, and Retreats on the Work, Art, and Service You Love

with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

and Kathryn Lorenzen

Join us for The Big Picture Retreat

November 1-3, Unity Village, Kansas City, MO


“It is no exaggeration to state that Your Right Livelihood changed my life.” 

~ Rachel Gabriel, writer and facilitator


Customized Coaching for Your Journey

We offer custom coaching packages to help you dream up and plan your next act, whether you're starting a project, relaunching an existing business, focusing your art or service, or figuring out what's next for you.

Our own journeys and our collective decades of coaching people have taught us well the importance of careful listening and deep discernment to work collaboratively with you on your best options and next steps.

We can support you in business and creative writing, website development and other marketing and branding, networking and outreach, and enhanced visibility, reach, and referrals. Learn more here.

The Big Picture Retreat

Dreaming Your Life's Work Into the Next Year

with Kathryn Lorenzen & Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

November 1-3, Unity Village, Kansas City, MO.


Our annual retreat is a welcome refuge from your workaday world to discover what's knocking on the door of your life's work right now, welcome what you're ready to embrace, and dream how you might put a plan into action for the next year. Along the way, you'll re-visit your callings, then examine and reset goals that fit your life and work now. With other participants, you'll find greater companionship for the journey as well as new ways to build and sustain your vision and resilience. We'll also relax and have a lot of fun.


This is an ideal retreat to come to each year as an inspiring, thoughtful, and loving way to plan out what to cultivate, edit out, and invite into your coming year.​ Unity Village is renowned as one of the most beautiful, welcoming, and ecologically-minded retreat centers in the country.  Find out more here.

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Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Ph.D., Kansas Poet Laureate Emerita, is the founder of Transformative Language Arts, and a creativity consultant, coach, and workshop facilitator. Author of two dozen books of poetry, fiction, memoir, and more, she has deep experience in creativity resilience and program, curriculum, and organizational development. Caryn is passionate about mentoring people to make leaps into the miraculous work of their lives. Her new podcast, Tell Me Your Truest Story, explores how to discover and transform the stories we live. More here.


Kathryn Lorenzen coaches people at all life stages in career transition, career development, and creativity. Following a successful stint in marketing and advertising, she moved into the career field as a recruiter, uniting over 500 people with jobs and careers over 20 years. Now as a full-time coach, she is dedicated to helping people find their strengths, gifts, and ideal mode of work. Kathryn is also an accomplished singer songwriter and recording artist, with songs in TV/film and on streaming services. More here.


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